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4.5-channel infrared alloyed remote control aircraft
 Item No.:F103
 Item name:4.5-channel infrared alloyed remote control aircraft
 Category:Remote control aircraft
 Item Meas:23 x 13 x 10.5 CM
 Size of color box:31 x 16 x 17 CM
 Ctn Meas:69 x 49 x 71 CM
 Color:Blue, red, dark green
 Material:Fuselage made of alloy(with colorful lights and a gyroscope)
 Battery for helicopter:3.7V180mAh lithium battery
 Charging time:About 40 minutes
 Flying Time:6-7 minutes
 Control distance:10 meters
 Controller battery:6AA batteries (not included) comes with charging function
 Protection Function:Overcharge protection / overcurrent protection / interrupt current function
 Function:1. The product has the unique tunch-tone side fly fuction. 2. Apply high strength metal,the product features beautiful and solid. 3. The player can easily control the aircraft left or right side fly ,forward or backward, left or right side fly , turn left or right, drift, hover or landing at a fixed location. 4. Due to the high property microcomputer,the aircraft has fast responding to remote control command. 5. The perfect metal structure make the aircraft flying longer.

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